Supported Businesses



IPROS CUBE provides Internet cloud solutions for business performance improvement, Compliance and Risk Management.

Lightflows Ltd

Lightflows Creative is a multi disciplined creative company which specialises in Visual Effects, Web Design / Development & New Media , we are pursuing new and emerging communication technol

Red Skies Technology

Red Skies Technology is a small company started recently and our focus at the moment is the development of a satellite based service targeting developing countries.

Silverpoint Outdoor Ltd

New outdoor accessory Brand in led lighting and clothing.

TISICS Limited

TISICS develops and manufactures light weight, high strength titanium matrix composites for space, aviation and energy sectors.

Lime Microsystems

Lime Microsystems is a mixed signal IC design company targeting the wireless and optoelectronic markets.

Farrow Creative Limited

Multi-discipline design agency. Specialising in branding and website design.

OSBI Limited (Trading as Meteorite BI)

Meteorite BI is a specialist information management company. We provide software, cloud based hosting and consultancy to deliver data analytics to our customers.

Fourth State Medicine Ltd

Fourth State Medicine Ltd (4SM) is an exciting new company that brings technologies honed and developed within the space sector to the forefront of medicine.

Accelogress Limited

Accelogress Limited offers software development and project management consultancy services with expertise in Mobile, Web and Specialized software and systems development.

Visual Atoms

Visual Atoms is an independent technology R&D and consulting company, specialising in advanced solutions in the digital vision domain.

Playwaze Limited

Playwaze is an early stage tech company providing a functional sports community platform.

Inzura LTD

We are a Platform as a Service provider for motor insurance providers. We enable the rapid migration of insurance customers onto a customer and app centric insurance experience.

Xenesis Limited

Xenesis Limited is a new company and we started operating from the Surrey Research park in March 2015.

ManagePlaces Limited

Comprehensive all-in-one solution for construction management and property investment


Netclearance Systems are the hardware manufacturing partner for beacontent. They manufacture a range of BlueTooth and WiFi radio beacons.

2iC Limited

2iC are a thought leading UK company that makes innovative software to integrate diverse systems that are usually unattended, wearable or vehicle-borne.

Plum Data Ltd

Plum Data Ltd is a UK startup company owned by SRP2 LLP and the University of Surrey. Its purpose is to capture and benchmark operating data in the UK holiday parks and self-catering sector.

Express Diagnostic Imaging Ltd (also known as Express Healthcare)

Medscan provides medical imaging and computer-aided diagnostic services to NHS hospitals and commissioners across health regions.

AccurIC ltd

Accuric's strategy is to license its technology for incorporation into LED drivers. The LED driver market is global and is growing with the rapid penetration of LED lighting around the world.

Inovo Robotics Ltd

Inovo designs and manufactures low cost modular robotics arms for use in manufacturing SMEs, research and education

Molli Baby Ltd

Innovative new baby’s soother which is providing enhanced relief and comfort for unhappy and restless babies.

Quadible Ltd

We are a UK based agency providing software development services.

Wealth Harbour Ltd

We are a startup delivering an online peer-to-peer (P2P) financial platform for professionals in the UK.

Evolve Dynamics

Custom UAV solutions designer and manufacturer specialising in long endurance, heavy lift platforms with AI machine vision collision avoidance and working towards personal autonomous aerial tran

Stordeo Ltd

Stordeo is a video production company that has developed a unique process using a combination of technology, appropriate use of creativity and focus on clients bottom-line, to deliver high-quali

Savvney CIC

Savvney is a social enterprise dedicated to work with organisations to improve staff's financial well-being, by delivering an unbiased workplace-based financial education program coupled wi

Account Management Online Ltd

AMO develops a digital salesperson. Our software delivers 'sales as a service' for our clients to their customers in a conversational way across the webchat medium.

Trueinvivo Ltd

Trueinvivo is a research led healthcare solutions company focusing initially on reducing the side effects of radiotherapy.

Peoplespace Group

Peoplespace Group offers management consultancy, technology tools and design services, for optimizing the business benefits of office accommodation strategy, agile working and work space design.


U-Linc is a UK company (Company number 10832006) recently formed to commercialise the invention of a protocol which enables users to interact simply, seamlessly and securely with different Inter

Smart Separations Ltd

Smart Separations, Ltd. (SSL) has developed a proprietary filter that can be tailored to suit many different applications in the global - yet underdeveloped - microfiltration (MF) industry.

Pplus products skin care ltd

Pplus Skin Care Limited is a UK-registered company founded in 2014 by Dr Mitra Najafi(MD), a multi award winning cosmetic clinician who has developed the first prototype of Pplus products which


Developing portable low cost brain imaging to reduce time to treatment for traumatic brain injury by assisting decision making for first responders and monitoring critical patients in real time.

Forever Pace t/a

exploremore aims to simplify the way organisations deliver digital history tours, through the use of augmented reality technology.

Chestnut Mobile Ltd.

Building a smart baby monitor

CommSOFT Ltd.

Intelligent Automation (IA) Software to Assist in Human Communication - "Multi-Lingual Conversation Automation".

Retinascan Limited

Development and provision to customers of machine learning system trained and configured to aid efficient analysis of medical images.

Livewire Digital Ltd

Livewire Digital is a private, limited company with over 25 years’ experience in enabling communications from extremely hostile environments whilst working with some exceptionally demanding clie

Sigma Tech 360 Ltd

Sigma Tech 360 Ltd is a technology company that is developing products to deliver modern lighting controls that unifies legacy systems and save time, save money and get IoT ready.

Clutch Space Systems Limited

Clutch Space Systems (CSS) provide skills, expertise and systems for the contol, operation and communication with remote satellites and other platforms, including the transmission and reception

InsPro Ltd

InsPro is a limited SME start-up company formed in January 2017.

SNAP Sponsorship Ltd

We are the world’s first online, end-to-end, sponsorship broking and management platform that harnesses the power of 'team' to share best practice and aggregate value for brands.


We provide an accurate pervasive positioning solution for handheld portable devices

Epitomical Ltd

Today, a new generation of vehicles is emerging, vehicles that are connected, increasingly autonomous and challenge our assumptions about how they will operate and interact for our benefit in th

Alcis Holdings Limited

Alcis provides geographic information services that enable better understanding of insecure and complex environments around the world.

Marmot Labs LTD

Marmot Labs provides software solutions that improve the effectiveness of anxiety and phobia therapy using virtual reality and biofeedback.


3Pay aims to eliminate fraud from the private housing rental market. Fraud can occur to any prospective tenant when entering into a private rental agreement.

Stingray Squash Machines

Helping you get better at squash.

CityMaaS LTD

CityMaaS believes efficient travel is a right for all. It uses innovative technology to enable disabled people to achieve spontaneous and inclusive efficient travel in smart cities.


AISSA Labs builds automated live chatting-bots and expert systems, specializing in the shopping assistant area.

IPFT Fuels Limited

IPFT develops innovative solutions in the energy, utility and sustainability sectors.

Automated Markets

Secure Blockchain Technology for Market Automation


Cyber protection for small businesses including cyber insurance

Mafic Ltd

Using IoT and machine Learning we measure activity on construction sites helping production managers make better data driven decisions.

Talk Freely Limited

Talkfreely provides a SaaS soulution that allows businesses to deploy branded multi-channel internal communication apps to their employees

My Locum Manager

The NHS is the largest employer in the country and its primary care arm relies heavily on doctors and other clinical staff to provide locum (temporary) cover when facing staffing shortages.

CAP Certified Ltd

CAP provides child authentication as a service to social media platforms, chat rooms and apps, multiplayer games and web browsers so they can protect children on their platforms.

Zeal IO Ltd.

An all-in-one loyalty app that consolidates the basic loyalty stamp cards onto a digital platform.

Yeltech Ltd

Yeltech Ltd set out to be a major provider of remote condition monitoring systems to both UK and international rail and other industries.

Basing View


Fable make Podcast discovery simple, accessible and fun.


Kuldea is an online marketplace and comparison website for home furniture and furnishings.


Platform for startup PR: hosting a community of startups and freelance PRs with tools built on top, to automate typical PR processes - an agency-level service on a SaaS business model.

Kelly M Ltd

This is an e-commerce business in the affordable luxury category offering an online personalised hair studio for the busy working woman.

Wisetree Tech Ltd

Wisetree was created to help organisations produce measurable results from their mentoring programmes.

CMX Runway

CMX Runway is a marketplace, designed to make it easier for fashion designer graduates to sell online.

Airponix Ltd

Airponix has a smart soil-less agricultural system that is truly game-changing, to grow staple food crops (i.e.

NodeWeave Technologies Ltd

NodeWeave helps businesses meet customer expectations, fulfil service level agreements (SLAs) and automatically discover insights from business data.

Spacetime Enterprises

Our vision is simple. Democratise Space! We will be the first to stream the whole Earth. Live.

Adsum Networks (ADSUMNET LTD)

Featuring "LivePark" the industry least intrusive, cost-effective and high-precision Smart-Parking Sensor System.


tiilio is an online stock market investment platform for novice retail investors, allowing consumers to invest in their interests or observable trends.


Dockit tracks customers online purchases from order confirmation to refund.

SpareFare Limited

SpareFare helps travellers sell their unwanted flights and hotel reservations to people looking for bargain holidays.

BelMead Tech Solutions Ltd.

BelMead Tech Solutions is a tech start-up created to solve some of the current inefficiencies and process friction points that exist in the complex specialty lines insurance claims.

Brightday Engineering Ltd

We are an engineering consultancy specialising in Satellite communications.



Estate Planning - now for the rest of us.

Legally binding wills and trusts. Smart, simple and comprehensive. Created online in as little as 15 minutes.

Vita Trail Limited

Vita Trail, founded by Janine Chard was started due to a skills shortage yet there was no-where online for


We are a network for international schools and teachers with the primary (initial) objective of using our matching algorithms to substantially disrupt/solve recruitment challenges.

Nub Ltd

Nubbio works with forward thinking technology to research ways to solve real developer problems.

SPORTSIDE (World Sports Buddy Limited)

Sportside is the global local sports club enabling people, clubs and communities to Connect, Communicate, Participate and Commerce promoting sport, physical activity and healthy lifestyle across


Simulitix builds next-generation tools for molecular designers, to accelerate the design of commercially valuable molecular system.


Sparkbox is a B2B SaaS solution for Pricing Optimisation, powered by machine learning.


Advantagious Ltd

Advantagious provides a GDPR compliant and centralised database of data profiles controlled by users, that businesses can request access to only when they need it.

Kapitalise Technology Ltd

Kapitalise develops software for applying and planning for innovation funding opportunities. Our first product, Simplr, automates financial reporting for R&D tax credits.

Tappter Limited

Tappter is a next generation professional social network for creatives and young people, that shifts the emphasis from "corporate connections" to deeper and more meaningful life long relationshi


FestivalMart is a music festival start-up.