Data breaches cost the US Economy $64 billion each year. RazorSecure will take the pain out of securing servers, in under 60 seconds.

FireEye (one of the market leaders in data security) reports on time on detect and respond to a hack. In 2015 they reported that the average time to detect a breach was 205 days, and only 31% of businesses detect the hack themselves.

RazorSecure detects breaches in seconds, reducing the impact on businesses and the severity of the any breach.

RazorSecure offers a different approach to server security, existing server security focuses on perimeter defences, prevention and creating a wall around services. This approach is vital, but ultimately it will be defeated due to the difficulty of maintaining and targeted attackers.

RazorSecure focuses on integrity of services, monitoring the system components for changes and detecting hacks quickly when they occur. This approach is based on the premise that hacks cannot be prevented, a concept that security professionals will need to embrace in the future.

Our technology can detect and alert that a hack is occurring in seconds, rather than days and months. Early detection is the true key to reducing breach cost and minimizing the impact.

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