Quadible Ltd

We are a UK based agency providing software development services. Specialised in mobile and web development, having several years of experience in the software industry and through agile development methods we aim to deliver on time and on budget high quality products. Our fields of expertise are mobile and wearable technologies, machine learning and Internet of things.

The technological evolvement has created a great prospect for new business development. Fast growing companies e.g. startups benefit from the technological advances of this era and by identifying gaps in the market, they create highly profitable businesses. Market research has shown that a considerable number of people including entrepreneurs, researchers and university students have spotted a potential business gap. However, they lack the technological knowledge and the appropriate networking in the software engineering industry to bring their product/service to the market.

We are focusing on bridging this gap, by creating beautiful, easy-to-use and high quality mobile and web apps. We undertake software development projects to develop and deliver the high-quality product to the market. We focus on mobile and wearable technologies, Internet of Things and extracting knowledge based on machine-learning and data analytics. We are a team of five experienced software engineers that develop the core software components and a UI/UX designer that is responsible for the user friendliness and the attractiveness of the applications. The company provides development, implementation, training and maintenance of software applications resulting in a high quality and ready-for-the-market product/service. In addition, we collaborate with non-IT-experts including entrepreneurs, researchers and students of University of Surrey to implement their software-based idea. The company has also a marketing specialist that provides marketing consulting services including social media to facilitate the customer in bringing the service/product to the market.

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