Marine Helicopters Ltd trading as Bespoke Business Software

Bespoke Business Software offers customised business applications built to our client’s requirements. Our integrated applications are developed to support all our client’s processes from monitoring lead generation activities and customer data, through order processing to raising invoices and recording costs.

Bespoke Business Software provides the freedom for businesses to grow. We bring the latest technology coupled with our business knowledge to provide an affordable system built specifically to match our client’s business processes.

The benefits our clients experience from a Bespoke Business Software solution include:
• Automation of business processes frees up time to focus on growing the business
• Excellent customer service delivered through timely engagement
• Consistent and relevant contact adding value and encouraging customer loyalty
• Valuable data readily available highlights areas where cost efficiencies can be made
• Touch of a button reporting aids informed business decisions
• A cost effective platform for business expansion

The issues Bespoke Business Software resolves...

Recognising the problems that a business is facing is the first step. Typically, these are:
• Entering information into several different systems and spreadsheets, which constantly wastes time
• Errors are inevitable with repetitive manual tasks
• Leads slip through the net
• Invoices are missed
• Month end reports take hours if not days to produce
• Decisions are made on gut feelings rather than hard facts
• Information is retrospective rather than real-time. Problems can’t be resolved as quickly as they should be
• Processes are shoe horned into a system that doesn’t reflect the business

The tasks Bespoke Business Software improves...

Business that implement a Bespoke Business Software solution are gaining efficiencies is areas such as:
• Lead generation and customer contacts
• Quote and order processing
• Task and timesheet management
• Costs and invoices
• Resource and personnel scheduling
• Metrics and KPIs

Why Bespoke Business Software?

The great news is that with today’s technology a bespoke solution is accessible to all sizes of business.
There are two reasons that have made this possible. Firstly, a cloud based system means capital expenditure on hardware and software is a thing of the past. Other benefits a cloud system brings are access from anywhere at any time on any device and the system is always on the latest version and backed up securely.
Secondly, we’ve made a bespoke solution financially possible because the foundations and framework of the system have already been created. That bit doesn’t have to be paid for.
However, the real success of developing a bespoke solution lies in the relationship we develop with our clients. We understand business processes, best practice and how software systems can be used to enable businesses to be more efficient.
As part of the Bespoke Business Software process we share our best practice knowledge. We review current processes and potentially find ways they can be improved, delivering significant cost savings to the business, sometimes even before the implementation of a new bespoke system.
We understand and appreciate the commitment our clients make and the implications to their business. We are empathetic to the fact that they still have a business to run throughout the configuration and implementation process. And after implementation we are there to continue supporting our clients, just as we have done throughout the project.

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