Ariadne RegTech Limited

Ariadne is a provider of innovative Compliance Management solutions, initially to the global Financial Services market. Utilising innovative but proven technologies that are already established in the target sector, Ariadne’s technology platform provides the response to an increasingly demanding and threatening business problem: being able to systematically demonstrate, to senior management and external regulators alike, that the organisation has effectively implemented the required regulatory environment at any point in time. It enables the organisation to manage current and future regulatory demands and will keep it up to date on regulatory changes and the organisation’s response to them.

Ariadne’s proposition enables it to target Financial Services firms of all sizes, from the biggest banks, some of whom spend several billion dollars a year on managing compliance, to small financial advisers – some 56,000 entities are now regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. The target point of entry to the bigger banks and insurance companies is in the form of a solution to meet the requirements of the Senior Managers’ Regime. There are then multiple additional revenue-generating applications of the technology once embedded in larger organisations. For smaller regulated firms Ariadne offers a complete Compliance-as-a-Service model.

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