Neapolis PKS Ltd t/a Couvenda™

Couvenda™ is a real-time AI intelligent ’chatbot’ that connects directly to customers on messaging platforms (Facebook Messenger) for customer engagement linking to Loyalty and CRM. We solve critical customer acquisition, product usage, pre and post sale support and customer endorsement through frictionless 24/7 real time conversations with customers acting as their virtual assistant and connecting them to key knowledge centres with retail, FMCG and Loyalty brands.

Couvenda™ is about creating engaging conversations through our intelligent chatbot platform supported by a full service offering. Couvenda™ is about being where your customers are. Being available when your customers need you. It's about creating and maintaining a connection between you and your customers. With 79% of consumers using just five apps on their mobile and only 10% of apps downloaded ever being used more than once, it's clearly time to think again. It's time to think about what works for your customers and engage with the post-app economy.

Over 2.5billion people have at least one messaging app installed. Whether Facebook Messenger, Line or WeChat, these provide an opportunity to connect today and create a conversation. With Couvenda™ you can transform your customer interactions with a scalable solution for engaging the way your customers want to. Through chat. Through a conversation.

Couvenda is aware of the conversation context, unlike existing solutions
Existing solutions answer one question in isolation like a FAQ.  We have developed a “Intent Processor” that understands the context of the customer conversation and delivers a natural conversational experience

Couvenda is designed for Loyalty Programmes specifically
Our team have developed and deployed some of the largest Loyalty and CRM solutions globally so we have developed the industry specific learning to remove customer frustration with traditional bots that don’t understand the customers question or purpose of the request.

Couvenda answers half of your customer enquiries in real time, 24/7
From experience we know that 70% of the standard customer questions you get every day from customers in your call centre can be automated

Couvenda meets customers on their chosen channels and negates costly channel switching

Couvenda™ chatbot links to where your customers are.  We integrate to FB Messenger, Line, Viber, Web Chat, Amazon Echo or in- App; with seamless in-chat handover to an operator and back to chatbot to continue the conversation, with no channel switching! Savings in customer contact centre can be up to 65%

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