ButlerThing Limited

ButlerThing was formed in 2015 and is a cutting edge R&D and IT solution vendor focused on improving your IT delivery. We specialise in performance engineering and non-functional testing and are the creators of TurboSelenium: Load Testing with Selenium.

The team at ButlerThing has over 75 years subject matter expertise in performance engineering. We developed the TurboSelenium product to overcome the restrictions we encountered with traditional load and performance testing tools not being able to fit within Agile and DevOps models.

TurboSelenium as a tool and framework, allows reuse of Selenium functional test automation collateral, greatly speeding up script delivery and allowing performance and load testing to now take place in-sprint.

ButlerThing provides:
a) Thought leadership through our professional services offering to change the way the industry thinks about performance testing.
b) The technical TurboSelenium proposition which allows performance engineering to be fully embraced during software delivery.

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