Within is a subscription based health coach, unique in the market for it's ability to combine fitness, nutrition and mindfulness practices that collect EEG and HRV user data and artificial intelligence to create bespoke ongoing programmes that truly benefit users in all walks of life.

The business model will target corporates as a complete wellness solution via our app and in house education content via employee discount schemes and employer paid for benefit programmes.

Within will initially make use of three distinct channels:
1. CONSUMER: Available though our website and the App Store,
a single user will easily be able to subscribe to the Within service. This market segment will provide the lowest amount of revenue, but brand activity will provide the authority and social proof required to drive sales though our other channels.
A distinct advantage of these platforms is that Within receives the 12 month subscription as an up front lump sum. With a partnership with an industry leading provider already secured, this will be our most profitable channel.*
3. EMPLOYER PAID FOR STAFF BENEFIT: A channel reliant on corporate size and our scalable infrastructure, this requires a direct sales mechanism and a longer lead time, but each sale will be significant.
By focussing on enterprise solutions, we reduce the need to compete in an increasingly cluttered consumer market, while securing significant revenue earlier than conventionally possible, reducing the requirement for initial investment.

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