Autuno Ltd

Autuno builds robots to automate cancer research. This field currently suffers from 90% non-reproducible results. Cancer research is tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. More importantly, experiments are still performed manually by scientists, causing high variability in results. By automating cancer research, we are cutting down on human error, saving time and money, and increasing research productivity.

At Autuno, we believe that putting reproducibility back into research will help us find a cure faster and cheaper.

We are building robots for life science labs. Autuno is founded by Mun Ching Lee, PhD in Pharmacology together with Irio Lavagno, industrial automation engineer with experience in FIAT and Lavazza, Carlo Alberto Seneci, PhD in Robotics Surgery from Imperial College London, and Radek Kowalski, Machine Learning developer from UCL.

Milestones- Our prototype is 80% ready. Beta testers from UCL, CRI Paris, University of Geneva, and National University of Malaysia have expressed interest in testing our robot.

Product differentiation- We are targeting the research sector whereas our competitors are targeting the healthcare sector. In healthcare setting, you will only need a binary answer whereas in research setting, you will need to know the level of expression, what other biological factors are present, etc. So our robot is capable of loading multiple antibodies to test the biological samples compared to competitors' products. Our robot is also straightforward and easy to use, reducing the need to be trained before being able to handle the robot.

Market size- Total available market (TAM) is 5958 life science research labs in US, Europe, and China. Serviceable available market (SAM) is 1646 labs in Europe. Assuming our market share is 50% of SAM, we are expecting to sell to 823 labs in Europe.

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