Tealight Hospitality Services Ltd

Tealight is a marketplace business serving two stakeholders: consumers and restaurants.

We enable personalised restaurant recommendations for consumers and deliver actionable consumer data to restaurants enabling them to personalise their service offering to maximise LTV.

Our vision is to create the next generation hospitality platform.

Tealight was founded by Tom and Ben, experienced in their fields of tech and commercial respectively.

Since inception we've achieved early traction with consumers and restaurants and run manual testing exercises indicating evidence of problem-solution fit.

Tealight enables the best dining experiences for consumers and restaurants.

We're solving two problems and, while each solution is mutually exclusive (thus avoiding chicken and egg), when combined they add greater value to either side of the equation:

1) From a consumer point of view there is growing mistrust and scepticism with traditional review sites as there are more exploits ("The shed at Dulwich" is one high profile example, #1 on TripAdvisor but doesn’t exist) combined with the fact 5 stars is a subject measure (5 for one person might be 2 for another).

2) From a restaurant angle, operators are facing increased property and ingredient costs, rising staff wages and a turbulent economy. Using consumer data gathered by our consumer app, we help restaurants reduce customer acquisition costs and increase average table spend by enabling them to deliver superior customer service.

We believe we fit SetSquared's criteria:
- Our idea is knowledge based (Ben's degree was hospitality, has worked in kitchens up to Sous Chef and Tom's expertise is building scalable tech platforms)
- Our market has huge growth potential (despite turbulent economic times)

We anticipate the market is ripe for disruption (major cracks appearing between consumers, restaurants and review sites are evidence of this) and are open to outside help and support.

Our critical focus of Tealight for the next 12 months is: a) funding, b) acceleration and c) survival.

Some key KPI's:
- Number of engaged users: 250
- Website traffic: 1,000+ page views
- Pre-seed funding: £100,000
- Latest product update: Version 1 shipped December 2017.

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