Lumio Technologies Ltd

nudgg is an independent money platform, built to solve the widespread millennial problem of apathy & confusion when it comes to money management.

The motivation for nudgg is to empower people to make smarter money choices, faster.

We do this by delivering the convenience of everything you need to make better informed decisions in one place.

Customers are able to view all their accounts in one place, make real-time intuitive comparison & consume relevant knowledge at their fingertips. Having this resource in one place, allows customers to identify the latest and most suitable solutions in the market.

We are 100% independent, 100% free & aim to be the ‘first port of call’ for consumers.

nudgg allows retail customers to view all their financial accounts in one place & directly compare existing accounts against the market in an intuitive fashion. By linking their financial accounts, customers enable nudgg to deliver a hyper-personalised platform on which consumers can learn, apply & add value to their financial situation.

nudgg makes money when customers select a new account within nudgg and complete the opening of this account. We receive referrals fees from our affiliates that provide the following services:

- Current Accounts / Pre-paid accounts
- Robo-advisers
- FX accounts
- Investment platforms

Within the space of 18-24 months nudgg will be able to deliver an intelligent product assisting in spending and helping customers achieve their financial goals.

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