We believe managing your money should be easy, smart, transparent and quick, and there is no reason why all this can’t be consolidated on a central platform so the end user has a “One-Stop-Shop”, which gives them better visibility to their money and their net worth, as well as showing you them their credit rating to assist decisions.

We are creating the ability to not just see spending habits and how they can set themselves budgets around this, which is what most fintechs are doing today, but we also want to influence and change customer behaviour, through the utilisation of machine learning, artificial intelligence analysis and active decision making and trust.

During our launch phase, we will analyse a customer’s spending habits with machine learning to actively predict when they will most likely want to transact again. Using this data, we will leverage our artificial intelligence engine to analyse the market and identify the best unbiased offers available.

For the initial phase, QBick is building a financial platform that specifically supports companies to support their vulnerable individuals. The issue being that certain vulnerable individuals can’t get themselves out of debt and companies are now being mandated to assist. QBick is initially going to start with supporting utility companies.

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