Tabbre Ltd

Design, development and hosting of a publicly accessible scalable blockchain infrastructure using a permissioned multi-threaded blockchain. The adoption of blockchain technology is being held back because current blockchains (e.g EThereum & Bitcoin) have very limited transactional capacity (typically less than 10 tx/s) and have very high transaction charges especially if a transaction is urgent. They also process transactions slowly.
The Tabbre technology solves these three problems.

Tabbre will be the Google of the blockchain.

Tabbre will provide a massively scalable blockchain based on nodes hosted in major data centres round the globe (initially Amazon and Google).
Tabbre will charge for access to its blockchain service.

Two economic models will be used:
The Tabbre Coin will be a limited supply deflationary coin. Profits made by Tabbre will be distributed by buying back these coins in a process analogous to share buybacks.
Tabbre will charge for services. The charges will be payable using tokenised fiat currency to avoid deflationary price spiral that affects other blockchains.

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