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The disability/accessibility products market is growing each year, from mobility to daily living products. For consumers/carers/family members it is challenging to review and compare products as they are listed on many different websites and it is often difficult to know what products are available. is the first marketplace dedicated to the disabled/accessibility market in the UK. Our aim is to develop the Amazon of disabled/accessible products, where vendors from all other Europe and beyond can list their products and consumers can compare and purchase.

What is fuelling the growth?
In the UK the disability aids market is growing. One reason is the ever increasing life expectancy which has led to an increasing number of elderly people. There has also been an increase in the number of disabled people and this creates a greater need for disability and healthcare products.

Contributing to the growth in this sector is innovation as more sophisticated products are developed. There was a time when the expectations were that disabled and elderly people will end up into sheltered or assisted living accommodation. However, the power of the grey Pound and the government aim to give more disabled and elderly people their money/allowance to manage themselves coupled with encouraging people to stay in their own home means that a higher percentage of the 11 million people living with disability are choosing which products to buy to improve their lives.

NHS Healthcare workers and independent Occupational Therapist have told us numerous times at the recent Naidex Exhibition of which we were exhibitors for two days that;

1. They cannot recommend specific products to patients so they tend to send them to Amazon so they can select their own products.

2. They love the idea of Mysokoni and would prefer to send patients to a marketplace that specialises in the sector and is UK based.

3. That they recommend patients to purchase products on a regular and on-going basis.

The whole sector is growing and we aim to become the defecto place for the disabled market.

Our aim is to build a brand that is synonymous with the Disability Market. A brand that means quality, responsibility and great experience for people living with disability.

According to The Click-Away Pound Report 2016, UK online retailers are ignoring the;
10 - 20% of people with disability
10% of consumers that are dyslexic
older customers with visual impairments and the fact that the average reading age is between 9 and 11 years of age.

The report also stated that:
71% of disabled customers with access needs will click away from a website they find difficult to use.

82% of customers with access needs would spend more if the website were more accessible.

The biggest complaint from people using technology like screen readers is the lack of consideration in e-commerce websites for example Alt Tags so each image and non-textual content that can be read to the user. The report also stated that the biggest bug bear for users of technology is the checkout stage which has a high abandonment rate for disabled customers.

Mysokoni has gone through great lengths to be all inclusive for shoppers. For example, colours and fonts types and size were chosen for people with colour blindness and dyslexia. Each section and image has Alt Tags built in and the checkout stage was design so blind users of technology can easily checkout as each field is properly labelled and can be read by screen readers. Our brand will stand for All Inclusive. is a marketplace build around the Amazon model rather then eBay. The aim is to attract vendors offering competing products to create a dedicated marketplace for people to buy mobility and daily living aids.

The website has been created and we put the website live only two weeks ago in time for Naidex which is the largest disability products exhibition in the UK. The website currently has 11 vendors and 45 products listed with more being added each day.

Our aim in the next 60 days is to get Vendors to upload products in all categories and then start a digital marketing campaign to promote in time for Christmas sales.

Each section (main and sub-categories) has advertising space, the home page has 6, three header banners, one special offers banner and two category banners.

Revenue will be generated by a percentage of each item final sale price and banner advertising from related products and services.

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