Decenture Ltd

Decenture is a EdTech company developing an institutional SaaS accounting and treasury product that sits on top of a permissioned blockchain network. It provides audibility and enforcement of fund usage in the higher educational ecosystem.

Our software suite for higher education uses blockchain based automated validation of grant and loan spends, as well as low friction auditing for funding providers and compliance. The network participants are governments, grant issuing organizations, loan issuing organizations, donors and universities and of course students. They form the Higher Ed ecosystem. The project aims to reduce fraud and operational overhead that bloats educational costs, contributing to student debt crisis.

Decenture is a EdTech company that operates in the Higher Education sector. It is building a blockchain payment & accounting solution that provides greater visibility into a wide range of finance processes.

Decenture solution unifies several disparate (and generally pain-points ridden) accounting systems using a private blockchain network, and has more capabilities than the collective systems being displaced, specifically providing enforcement and auditability of funds such as loans, grants, endowments, donations which have explicit rules for use. The system uses tokens to act as a tool for sub-accounting of fiat in custodial accounts managed by the institutions themselves. The token is designed to create more transparency in the flow of higher education spent within the permissioned network.

The process takes information that is currently stored in the ERP silos of just one university and makes it available in a trusted system of record across disparate entities interacting with the university.

The solution can be deployed in a short period of time and is built with connection capabilities to existing university and government systems.

Decenture’s blockchain network participants are universities, students, governments, grant issuing organizations, loan issuing organizations, and donors. They form the Higher Education ecosystem.

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