Immersionn (360 Effects Ltd)

Immersionn is a Virtual Reality Exploration Engine
We allow people to become virtual travelers and discover freely things they would never know. We aim for VR resources to be universally accessible from the internet and from any mobile device

People consume more and more visual content, yet we search with words, even in Virtual Reality…so why VR? At the same time, content is pushed towards specific user profiles and it is really hard for people to find VR content they like quickly. For brands, VR content is mono channel, stuck in the silo VR platforms of Facebook or Google so it is difficult to measure Virtual Reality investments ROI.

Our exploration engine is visual so that our users can go on an immersive journey of discovery. We aggregate and curate Virtual Reality content from the web and make it available on all smartphones. Our users independent thinking cannot be purchased and we focus on content, not people’s data. Because we connect Virtual Reality content with the web in an uninterrupted user journey we can report KPIs on user traffic volume and behaviour like any web application can.

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