Hotel Treats is a marketplace for luxury experiences provided by selected hotels. Offering a multitude of curated treats it is the go-to site for buying treats for oneself, as well as gift vouchers.

We have also created branded online shops for clients such as Fairmont, St. Regis, and The Luxury Collection. With no setup fees and hassle-free rollout, hotels can start selling gift vouchers through their own online shops today.

Hotel Treats is a unique online marketplace which lets you browse and book services and experiences offered by the best hotels in your city. Whether you are on vacation of your dream or trying to select the best present for your loved one, Hotel Treats is the best tool for you.

Emerging from the Hotel Treats platform, we also create branded online shops which let hotels sell gift vouchers, event tickets and merchandise to local residents, businesses, and guests. We provide an end to end service, including branding, content upload, hosting, and payment gateway integration. No involvement from hotel's IT is necessary which allows our clients to start selling vouchers within days.

Be it a luxury spa treatment for loved one’s birthday, a Sunday Brunch, or a glamorous New Year’s Eve Gala, we make it exceedingly easy for hotels to promote their treats, and for their clients to buy them online.

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