Patcher Ltd

Patcher is a pay as you go car repair, recovery, and breakdown app that connects users to local quality, vetted mechanics within a 10-15 mile radius of their incident.

We are not just building an app, we are building a community. A community built on trust and ease of use. We provide any breakdown or repair that can occur on a vehicle wherever they are. On the go, at home, in a farm up north with limited connection, at the office, their will be somebody who can get to you in the most efficient manner on the market today. Need an MOT? We will not only remind you a day/week in advance of when your MOT is due, but we will also show a map of nearby MOT serviceable stations to which you can book in your vehicle into a live calendar of the garage. Patcher will provide help without the hassle, through an app connecting the community and building a brand based on trust and service.

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