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F.N. Fashion and Textile Designs is a pending launch start up business. Created by Faye Clarke a freelance fashion and textile graduate currently studying for her Masters of Research at the University of Portsmouth.
The main aim of the business is to empower disabled people within the fashion market by harnessing technology and innovation, with the result that people will feel less segregated within the retail industry.
The first part of this business (for which a basic proof of concept has been developed with further development in progress) is a smart labelling system for the blind and visually impaired. This consists of computer chips within clothing labels which, using the app on a mobile phone give a verbal description of the garments appearance, size and washing instructions. The second part of the labelling system is a quick colour indication label using braille for ease of dressing.
The next stage of the business is to introduce the labelling system product into the mass market via a clothing collection whilst adhering to the core beliefs of the business. Once the labelling system is completed the next phase of the project is to launch a range of clothing which will attract, educate and engage young children (5-12 years) whilst using interactive technology. This will involve introducing the smart labelling system into the garments plus the use of colour, shapes and led lights/fibre optics for education, relaxation and brain stimulus for the blind and visually impaired. This product will be for both abled and disabled as it will be fun and attractive for all.

My passion and core belief of this business is to bridge the gap between what abled and disabled people can wear within the clothing market. Creating freedom, independence and greater personal choice through the use of technology and innovative details to minimise the necessity to have an able and disabled range of clothing.
The business will initially create smart labels for the blind and visually impaired then slowly grow by creating different garment collections which will integrate these labels into the mass market. Once the labels created the first collection will be aimed at abled and disabled children, using lights and shapes for education, stimulus and most importantly fun!

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