TODELLI is a curated B2B marketplace for Chefs & Restaurateurs to connect with producers of ambient fine food and drinks enabling discovery 
of specialised unique produce and making the supply chain more efficient. Our current open BETA web app and community has 300 products listed from more than 70 fine food producers while 22 chefs and restaurateurs have signed up to participate to our payment pilot.

We provide unique speciality & high-end products that are difficult to find and unique (e.g. vinegar from pomegranate, olive oil from truffles, etc.), in comparison to other platforms it is basing its brand on an open community & offers a great easy to use experience that is key for adoption. Projecting the stories of the makers/producers and the traceability of the ingredients they use (by using technologies like blockchain) along with an excellent service supported by the Todelli people is one of the key differentiators of the company as well.

Todelli’s business model is a combo. The company will make profit in the following ways:
– 8% for every transaction made on the platform
– Freemium subscription plan for suppliers/producers
– Paid add-on services (to add value to producers and buyers - e.g. Consultations on exporting, Content and video production for producers, access to events)

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