Epitomical Ltd

Today, a new generation of vehicles is emerging, vehicles that are connected, increasingly autonomous and challenge our assumptions about how they will operate and interact for our benefit in the future. This technological revolution will change how our society functions, improving safety and efficiency, and reducing congestion and emissions.

Epitomical is building exciting new technology for the future of Transportation where connected vehicles are a key requirement for future autonomous transportation systems. We will enable this through a combination of our in-vehicle and roadside products together with our scalable cloud services platform.

Sophisticated chips and sensors are embedded in the things around us providing us with valuable data. But how is all this data transported? From 3G to 4G and WiFi to Satellites, the options seem endless.

Vehicle and Infrastructure equipment are limited to connectivity technology available at the time of purchase or installation. Adding new capabilities or upgrades are cost-prohibitive due to the lengthy technology certification cycle required by manufacturers. This also presents significant logistical challenges preventing the enablement of new features and services. A glaring example of this is the issues Automotive manufacturers faced after the planned decommissioning of 2G networks in Canada.

In addition, with the momentum towards building new technologies for Autonomous vehicles, regular upgrades will become a primary requirement for users and operators.

Epitomical has developed SeamlessTM, a unique patent-pending modular system for vehicles and roadside infrastructure providing always-on connectivity options, aftermarket hardware upgrades as well as remote software updates.

The system allows vehicles and infrastructure to connect using multiple technologies simultaneously as well as handover between different networks for vehicles on the move. The system also connects to our Cloud based data broker platform allowing vehicle and infrastructure data to be securely monetised by third parties.

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