Vita Trail Limited

Vita Trail, founded by Janine Chard was started due to a skills shortage yet there was no-where online for
everyday people to be recognised for the life and work skills they have. There is a huge
demand for staff with the right personalities and values. A major lack of pride in the
workforce has caused unemployment and many job changes

Vita Trail is the first online network where everyday people can be recognised, remembered
and recommended

Vita Trail people work in health and social care, domestic, retail, catering and more

Vita Trail is an online community for exceptional everyday people. It is a place where everyday people can record their career journey every step of the way. A place for people to be recognised and receive employee benefits for the work they carry out throughout their working life.

Vita Trail people are health and social care workers, school leavers, sales and retail
assistants, domestics, kitchen and catering assistants, checkout staff, childcare assistants,
housewives/husbands, anybody who wants to take control of their future and meet others to help them along the way.

Our clients are anyone who employs people with transferable skills.

New advanced technology to match the right people and companies together through detailed
profiles and search features.

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