Vita Trail Limited

• Vita Trail was created in 2018 as a LinkedIn challenger.
• The idea started when Janine Chard a business owner in health and social care became increasingly frustrated with the lack of an online network and a lack of pride, identity and confidence for care workers and other working class people.
• Our mission - We believe everyone needs an online place to document their work trail through life. Vital Trail is for Exceptional People Everyday
• Vita Trail has 3 recurring revenue models
• Company formed in August 2018 by Janine Chard and Thea O’Bryen
• Our users are health and social care workers, school leavers, sales and retail assistants, cleaners and domestics, kitchen and catering assistants, checkout staff, childcare assistants, housewives/husbands, blue-collar workers.
• Our clients are anyone who employees basic skilled workforce. We start our journey with the 62,200 care providers in the UK.

• Vita Trail is an online platform to share your experiences and skills, life and professional skills.
• Our 3 revenue streams are Vita Trail Verified, Vita Trail Jobs and Sponsored Advertising
• Problems for our users:
o LinkedIn feels too professional and not for them
o Lack of identity and pride
o Lack of confidence that no-one cares about them so why should they care
o Lack of confidence about how they preformed in previous roles
• Solutions for our users:
o Promote yourself through CV builder, images and reviews
o A community of similar people to share experiences, skills and best practices
o A place where people will care about their CV because they will be vetted and rated
o Access to academies and training in person and online
• Problems for our paying clients:
o Vast and thorough employment history is required
o Verification of employment and referencing
o Recruiters are expensive
o How do you trace people who can’t remember their employment history?
o Processes are outdated and offices are heavily paper based
• Solutions for our paying clients
o 1 time verification, 1 reference per employee
o Save time and money on Non Value Admin Tasks
o Looking at people online rather than PDFs. Electronic live applications
o Save time and money
o Paperless office
o Reviews on candidates
• Description of Vita Trail Verified - subscription.
o We offer a 30 day trial.
o 10 verified candidates
o Contact 15 Vita Trail members directly
o 1 user license
o Unlimited People Browsing
o Verification Dashboard
o Export full verification report
o Online Videos
o Helpdesk support
• Vita Trail Jobs – subscription
o 1 job posting for 30 days
o Job applications immediately sent to your inbox
o Job included in weekly email to Vita Trail users who have ‘opted in’ to newsletter
o Company profile added to site
• Vita Trail Sponsored advertising
o Google AdSense
o Sponsored advertising

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