Airponix Ltd

Airponix has a smart soil-less agricultural system that is truly game-changing, to grow staple food crops (i.e. wheat, rice and potatoes) almost anywhere globally with minimum environmental impact and grower risk – overcoming the limitations & challenges of current agriculture. It can be used on a massive scale or locally by subsistence farmers/communities. System has the potential to help solve world hunger.

Airponix’s means of growing crops is viable, sustainable and scalable with the intent to licence its novel and patented technology globally with royalty on sales/square metre basis. Its market is massive from growing of produce that no one else can grow e.g. micro potatoes (to compete with pasta and rice for ease of cooking), elite disease free seed potatoes (UK market £4 billion while world potato production rose by 27% over last 10 years), vegetables, etc to low cost systems particularly suitable for drought areas currently affecting 2.1 billion people world-wide.

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