Kapitalise Technology Ltd

Kapitalise develops software for applying and planning for innovation funding opportunities. Our first product, Simplr, automates financial reporting for R&D tax credits.

Kapitalise is working to make business funding accessible to all SMEs. We have developed Simplr, an online platform that integrates with accounting software to help automate the preparation and filing of R&D tax credit claims.
The company was founded in August 2017 and the team is currently comprised of 6 members.
Kapitalise has gained international traction and interest through its management of the WATSON H2020 project, positioning itself as a knowledge leader in the field of R&D funding.
Kapitalise is also working on the INNOVACC project, funded by Innovate UK. INNOVACC is developing a platform that centralises management of the finance function for companies, through seamless integration with accounting software and an AI backend.

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