CityMaaS LTD

CityMaaS believes efficient travel is a right for all. It uses innovative technology to enable disabled people to achieve spontaneous and inclusive efficient travel in smart cities.

CityMaaS is a personalised travel assistance platform providing end to end service, where once end users set up a profile with their type of disability and preferences, the intelligent algorithm is taking into account the essential real time data from cross modes of transportations and part crowd sourced accessible data, facilities and services to provide optimal discovery, routing, booking and payment for the end users. CityMaaS is looking to revolutionise the way how disabled people travels in smart cities.

It crowd sources accessible information in real time and in a fun way. CityMaaS empowers disabled people to contribute to the community and help each other to overcome daily travel obstacles and increase their confidence in traveling from A to B in smart cities, and ultimately living more independent lives.

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