Spacetime Enterprises

Our vision is simple. Democratise Space! We will be the first to stream the whole Earth. Live.

We will provide affordable access to space experiences using innovative nanosatellite technology, real-time data networks and the latest in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences.

Spacetime Enterprises is a joint venture between two SMEs who are the leading lights in their respective fields and is enabled through recent advances in nanosatellite technology, real time data networks and immersive technology.

In Space Missions is a boutique space mission consultancy with over 100 years combined experience in space mission consultancy and satellite manufacture. They have a significant customer base including commercial satellite operators, government agencies, satellite manufacturers and academic institutions.

Rewind is an Emmy award-winning creative agency who are at the forefront of creating immersive experiences. They are renowned for creating innovative augmented, virtual and mixed reality (AR, VR and MR) content and have a wide variety of clients including prestige brands and world-renowned musicians.

Spacetime builds on the experience, knowledge and success of both businesses to deliver unique, experiences based on real time space imagery. This will be achieved by launching nanosatellites with wide field of view cameras capable of delivering better than retina level resolution images. This data can then be transported using Viasat’s Real Time Network for distribution to users with AR and VR apps on mobile phones and/or VR headsets.

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