AISSA Labs builds automated live chatting-bots and expert systems, specializing in the shopping assistant area. AISSA has 2 bot applications: Alyx Chatbot (B2C) and Felix Chatbot (B2B), using the same core technical module.

Alyx Chatbot is a virtual assistant that chat with customers and help them select the most suitable electronic products according to their specific needs. Alyx chatbot brings customers wishes affront and identifies products that match their needs, search online review, compare prices from different shops and guide them to the final purchase.

Felix Chatbot is the automated customer service solution for the online retailers to serve their customers 24/7 cost-effectively. Felix Chatbot is not only an automated customer assistant that helps solve customers’ problems instantly, but Felix Chatbot is also a product expert that help customers select the right products for their needs, especially for electronic products whose technical specifications can be daunting for customers.

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