Nub Ltd

Nubbio is bringing transactional written communications capability that was the preserve of big rich businesses to all businesses. It's a SasS platform with an installable enterprise software option.

Brands are under pressure to deliver more personalised content to more channels, faster than ever before. Businesses shouldn't be tied to the written communications that are hard-coded into their existing systems. Documents and customer communications are visual and should be shaped by design and business staff, not developers using lines of code. Nubbio fixes these issues for all systems.

Nubbio creates, shapes and automates written transactional communications (print, PDF, email, SMS etc.) for business system owners and developers.

Its no-code platform provides unparalleled functionality, by being fully drag and drop, it bridges the gap between business users and the developers or IT departments.

Nubbio is to written communications what Wix or Squarespace are to web sites.

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