My Locum Manager

The NHS is the largest employer in the country and its primary care arm relies heavily on doctors and other clinical staff to provide locum (temporary) cover when facing staffing shortages. My Locum manager started as a B2C software product to facilitate direct engagement of locum GPs with practices. In the last year organisations have increasingly been interested in the benefits our software could offer to support their workforce needs. We are now moving to a dual model - subscription based for locums using the software for their business needs and a licensing model for organisations. Due to the nature of the product large scale organisations have been interest in how the software could support more complicated data gathering and we are currently negotiating these

My Locum Managers technology provides an integrated platform to support the increasing work force demands in the NHS. We have grown as B2C model and are now expanding into the B2B space to provide a licensed product for NHS organisations.

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