FestivalMart is a music festival start-up. With 18,000 camping tents being abandoned and sent to landfill in the UK every year, our pre-pitched tent experience provides relief to the problem whilst giving music festival campers a superior experience. Our short-term aim is to solve small problems for our customers whilst they are at music festivals in 2019, and our long term aim is to use technology to transform the event experience entirely.

FestivalMart was founded after frustrations with the lack of a pre-pitching service aimed at general, student or young professional campers. Campers currently have the option of glamping or an existing pre-pitching company. However, both of these currently solutions are aimed at families, or those aiming to stay away from the general campsite, and so provide tailored services such as pamper parlours and security. Our solution for 2019 gives general, student or young professional campers this convenient pre-pitching service, whilst providing additional services and products tailored to younger generations.

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