Simulitix builds next-generation tools for molecular designers, to accelerate the design of commercially valuable molecular system. Using interactive molecular VR technology, researchers can interactively carry out computational experiments on their materials, and obtain physically accurate insights for how to improve their products. Our tools can run using laptops, workstations or scalable cloud computing resources, enabling small and medium companies to take advantage of this software without having to pay for expensive computational resources, improving their ability to compete on the global market. Beyond fundamental research, Simulitix tools facilitate clear and efficient communication between experts and non-specialists, helping the transfer of ideas within organisations and across cyberspace. Our technology enables the creation of virtual meeting places, where scientists can all inhabit the same simulation, to share insights and collaborate in a way that has never been possible before.

Simulitix offers scientific consulting services from a team with over 50 years of experience in chemistry, computational chemistry and computational biochemistry. Our core software offering NarupaXR is open-source allowing clients to easily test and evaluate our code for their specific needs. In addiction to solving bespoke chemical needs we also offer services to integrate out products into clients scientific pipelines including drug discovery tools and materials software solutions. We are able to offer advice ranging from the design of chemical systems for use in VR as well as guidance on building VR faculties and molecular portfolios.

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