Hand In Paw Ltd

PetPanion is a smart all-in-one mobile app empowering pet parents to have a healthier and happier life with their pets hand in paw, without worry or fear. The three themes are “Love | Protect | Connect”. We will be utilising artificial intelligence technology to provide pet parents with personalised health advice, pet products, insurance and services. We also would like to create a dedicated community for like-minded pet parents to share security alerts and help each other.

We will be targeting on pet owners (B2C) and pet service providers (B2B) mainly and also providing value-added services for vet clinics and pet insurers.
Our “Freemium model” provides a platform for pet owners to 1) create profiles for their pets; 2) store all information including medical history on their phone; 3) perform a health check and generate a personalised report for their pet, 4) find nearby vet clinics & 24/7 emergency centres; 5) find & book pet sitters; 6) share security alerts; 7) report "Lost & Found" pets.
There is also an option to subscribe to additional services and products (i.e. monthly flea treatment delivered to your door, pet insurance etc). We are currently in conversations with vHive, Aviva (via Founders Factory) and Pet Blood Bank to form partnerships to develop the MVP.

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