JPP Law 1-2-1 Legal Clinic - Members Only

29th March 2017 - 11:00

JPP Law has broken away from the traditional law firm model and developed new ways of working to reduce client fees, remove geographical barriers and enhance client service levels. Our efficient structure enables JPP Law to offer City of London expertise at ‘ virtual law firm’ prices.

The team at JPP have a history of supporting innovative early stage businesses and JPP’s Managing Partner, Mark Glenister, as founder of JPP Law, personally understands the journey of bringing a new business to life. Mark has provided free legal surgeries in Surrey since 2010 and offers reduced rates to...

Branding Masterclass - Farrow Creative

4th April 2017 - 12:00

As a business, your brand is what makes you different from your competitors. In communications terms, it’s how people connect with your company or product on an emotional, not just a purely rational, level. It’s what makes them think ‘these are people I can identify with, who understand me, and I know I can work with.’ In the end, it’s the reason why someone buys your product rather than someone else’s – even if yours is more expensive.

For the company, the brand provides reference points for decision-making, and benchmarks for measuring individual and business performance...

Roffe Swayne 1-2-1 Finance Clinic Session (Members Only)

11th April 2017 - 09:30

Roffe Swayne is a new ‘affiliate’ company offering free financial advice in the form of clinic sessions. They are a local firm and both Paul Butler and Scott Harrower (who will run the clinic session) are very happy to help you with any financial queries.

Just to give you a bit of background, please see below information and attachment about Roffe Swayne:

“Roffe Swayne is a local firm of Chartered Accountants and business advisers. We work closely with many entrepreneurs and start-up businesses, particularly in the technology sector. Much of our work...