Acquiring your first B2B customer (s) Workshop

Thursday 14th of May 2020 - 09:30
For early-stage B2B companies finding your first customer can be a daunting challenge.

About this workshop:

It is not enough to produce a website and a few tweets and expect hordes of enthusiastic prospects to come banging on your door! You have to take a methodical approach, define the sort of business your solution targets and then, through research and via your network, identify companies and individuals to approach.

In this interactive workshop we will explore the challenges of finding and securing your first customers and provide guidance on how to go about identifying and selecting the most promising prospects. Topics covered include:

• What do businesses value?

• Selling in a B2B market

• Where do I start (to find customers)?

• Routes to market

• Your first/ideal customer

The workshop will be a mix of presentation, practical exercise and round-table discussion where participants share their experiences and challenges.


Ian James and Chris Pett — Entrepreneurs In Residence, SETsquared Surrey

Who should attend:

The workshop focuses on early-stage, B2B companies for whom it may still be unclear where their first customers will be found, or companies that have started to gain traction but wish to take a more systematic approach to growing their customer base.

If you would like to attend, please do register via the Eventbrite page.



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