Bidding for Innovation Grants Workshop - For Members Only

Wednesday 23rd of May 2018 - 09:30

SETsquared Surrey


‘Bidding for Innovation Grants’


SETsquared Surrey has developed a series of Business Skills workshops that address some of the most common challenges faced by start-ups companies. 

We are delighted to announce that the next of these workshops is called 'Bidding for Innovation Grants'.

Time: 9:30am-1:30pm (including sandwich lunch)

Facilitator: Keith Dixon

Speakers : Grant Day and Peter Lancaster – University of Surrey grant applications

Workshop content:

Many companies (large and small) seek to fund the development of innovative new products by applying for grants. Putting together a successful application is a challenge… but be careful what you wish for! A grant should help you develop your business and not distract from it.  Taking care to make sure there is a fit between your business aims, the scope of the grant, as well as the needs of any bidding partners is vital to writing a bid that wins the grant - and is a success for all stakeholders.

The starting point is to clearly understand your businesses own value proposition… a revision from previous workshops -

  • how your company serves its customers; what problems you solve
  • your business offering - the benefits that customers pay for;
  • the scale of the market and the segments you are targeting

The question then is - what to bid for?

  • what are the sources of grants?
  • how do they select who receives them?
  • does the scope of a grant fit with the aims for your business?

Finally, how do to put a bid together

  • why you should consider partnering on a bid; who with; and how that affects your approach?
  • how should the bid be shaped to address what assessors are looking for?
  • what are the lessons from experience?

This hands-on workshop will help you consider how to understand the value of a grant in developing your business - rather than distracting from it.  It will provide insight into the demands of finding and putting together a grant application which then benefits from an understanding of the needs of the grant provider and importantly, their assessor.

Places are limited so please email Charlotte Watson ( if you would like to attend and if you wish to include any of your team members.


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