Business Skills Workshop - Startup Sales (For Members Only)

Wednesday 13th of September 2017 - 13:30

SETsquared Surrey


‘Startup Sales’


Date: Tuesday 26th September 

Time: 9:30-1:30 (including sandwich lunch)

Facilitator: Keith Dixon

Speaker : Stephen Jones, SETsquared Mentor


Workshop content:


Winning the first customers for a new product or service is always a challenge. When you are a startup with no business track record, then it gets just that bit harder still! Your first customers provide tangible evidence that your solution addresses a real need and give you the opportunity to establish the sort of credibility that makes winning more just that bit easier. Not only that, but the insights you gain through the sales process provide the kind of validation of your route to market, sales strategy and business model that investors are crying out for.


As a founder, it is down to you to meet this challenge head on; to identify the ideal candidates to be your first customers; to engage with them and sign one or more of them up. The process and tools for doing this aren’t rocket-science, but a thoughtful, thorough and pragmatic approach can make all the difference. So, whilst only you can do the selling, this workshop aims to help you think through what’s important about startup sales. It will give you some structure to guide you without getting in the way of your entrepreneurial energy!


The starting point in this session is to clearly understand your business value proposition - a revision from previous workshops – and what is different about your first customers

  • how does company serves its customers; what problems do you solve and what are the benefits?
  • what are the key characteristics of customers in your target market segment?
  • what defines your first customers, what extra will you offer them and why will they value it?

Then the question is how do you find and engage with the right people in your prospective first customer

  • what types of roles do key stakeholders and influencers have in your target customers?
  • how do you find the right people?
  • what do you need to know about them to deliver an attractive proposition to them?

Finally, the question is what does an opportunity look like with this customer?

  • how do you move from interest to defining a real sales opportunity ?
  • what are the actions need to drive an  opportunity through to sale?
  • what does experience teach us?


This hands-on workshop will help you get on the right track to signing your first customers. The selling is still down to you, but with a structured approach you can improve your chances of winning early AND of understanding why and how… so that you have a basis for winning often!


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