Customer Acquisition Workshop (For Members Only)

Tuesday 30th of April 2019 - 09:30

About this Workshop:

So now that you have built a great product are you swamped with new customers beating a path to your door? If the answer is yes then congratulations. You don’t’ need to come to this workshop just carry on taking sales orders. For the vast majority of early growth companies generating commercial interest and converting this interest into revenue is a daunting challenge.

Your more mature rivals have marketing funds, sales teams, case studies and advocates already in place. You need to quickly create a lean customer acquisition strategy that generates cash or the business will quickly fail. This workshop helps you get clarity around customer acquisition plans and activities.

•       Who do I sell to?

•       How do I sell?

•       What marketing activities should I concentrate on?

•       Am I on a path to success or the road to nowhere?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions for your business then come to this workshop.


This workshop is entirely hands-on so come prepared to work. From the very beginning you’ll be building and refining your go to market plans in four key areas.

  1. Your business and products. 
  2. Setting Sales and Marketing Goals
  3. Finding New Customers
  4. Planning for Customer Acquisition


You will have improved on the following be the end of the session;

  • The use of Customer Persona/Profiles in Customer Acquisition
  • Setting Marketing & Sales Goals and Targets
  • Selecting Sales and Marketing Tactics
  • Building Sales and Marketing Systems and Processes

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