Developing Your Customer Value Proposition (For Members Only)

Friday 8th of March 2019 - 09:30

Many companies (large and small) struggle to articulate adequately the value they offer customers, often promoting product features or making generic assertions about the benefits of their solutions. A compelling value proposition, on the other hand:

  • clearly describes how your company serves its customers;
  • expresses your business offering in terms of benefits that customers will pay for;
  • differentiates you from your competitors;
  • forms the basis of all marketing and sales activities and materials;
  • perhaps most importantly – clarifies in your mind what you and your company actually do!

This hands-on workshop will take you through a series of straightforward steps in which you develop a compelling, customer-oriented value proposition for your business, which you can use immediately to connect with potential customers, prepare a marketing plan, update your website, etc.

If you or any of your team members would like to attend this workshop, please email Charlotte Watson (


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