Kyan Masterclass - An Intro to Design Sprints (For Members Only)

Thursday 14th of February 2019 - 12:00

Kyan ( is an award winning digital product development studio specialising in rapid product development. Based in the heart of Guildford, Kyan works within a wide range of sectors with anyone from start-ups to scale-ups to enterprises. Kyan are best known for producing user-centric applications that are tested and validated by real people to ensure they fit the market they are intended for. 

In the past year we have:

  • Helped deliver a new way for patients to book appointments with private doctors
  • Produced a prototype of a service allowing organisations to make the most of legaltech startups
  • Launched a AAA accessibility service helping people with disabilities to plan days out
  • Worked with large insurers to make buying their products easier to understand
  • Taken on a large data project translating pension information from a single database to a universally accessible format

To get new products started in the right way or to effectively improve existing products, we utilise Design Sprints, initially pioneered by Google Ventures. Design Sprints help to ensure that the 'right' things are being prioritised and that each release offers as much value to the end user as possible. 

This masterclass is intended to give you an understanding of how these short, sharp, 5-day processes can have a significant impact on your digital products and platforms. You'll cover the key aspects of a Design Sprint and get a taster of the sort of insight and focus that is generated.

Leading the masterclass will be Harry Ford. Harry is Head of Strategy at Kyan and facilitates Design Sprints with clients with backgrounds in anything from insurance to retail. He'll condense the 5 day Design Sprint into a 2-hour version (12pm - 2pm), with the aim to give you a proper sense of the value they offer. By seeing how the rapid development process operates you will be able to take away practical examples of how to implement similar processes yourself. 

Places are limited so please email Charlotte Watson ( to book your place on this event.

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