Lunch and Learn Roundtable - Grant Funding (Members Only)

Wednesday 24th of January 2018 - 12:00

SETsquared Surrey

Lunch & Learn

‘Grant Bids’

Following on from the great feedback from the SETsquared Surrey Business Skills workshop on bidding for innovation grants we would now like to establish a new series of Lunch & Learn Roundtables for companies to bring along their winning/losing/in progress grant bids to share their experiences and gain insights from our experts, Peter Lancaster and Grant Day.

We are delighted to announce that the first of what we hope will become regular sessions will take place after the SETsquared Surrey Wednesday Club on January 24, 2018.

Date: Wednesday 24th January 2018

Time: 12:00-2:00 (bring your own brown bag lunch!)

Facilitators: Keith Dixon, Grant Day and Peter Lancaster – University of Surrey grant applications

The Aim:

Many companies (large and small) seek to fund the development of innovative new products by applying for grants. Putting together a successful application is a challenge… but be careful what you wish for! A grant should help you develop your business and not distract from it. Taking care to make sure there is a fit between your business aims, the scope of the grant, as well as the needs of any bidding partners is vital to writing a bid that wins the grant - and is a success for all stakeholders.  

The aim of the Lunch & Learn Roundtables is to help companies improve their chances of submitting winning grant bids by bringing together a small group willing to  share real experiences and their insights into what has worked and what hasn’t when it comes to bidding for grants.

Roundtable format:

We are looking for attendee companies themselves to drive the discussion at these events, based on their experience of grants they have won or lost – or the challenges and issues they are struggling with in a grant for which they are currently bidding. Companies will be expected to come with one of the following

  • A successful bid which they are willing to discuss their experience
  • An unsuccessful bid which they are willing to discuss and share the feedback they have received – in order to understand it better
  • A current bid which they are in the process of making and are willing to discuss their thinking and approach, as well as any issues and challenges on which they would like some thoughts and help from the group.

The companies should be prepared to outline the nature of the bid and what they are looking to contribute/gain from the sessions in a 5 minute introduction. Based on the themes that emerge, and with the help of the facilitators, we will then collectively decide how best to spend the remaining time. As well as open discussion this might include splitting the group to work on specific needs of some of the companies. 

This initial roundtable will be limited to 8 companies. However, if over-subscribed, further sessions may be scheduled.

To apply to for a place please respond  to Charlotte Watson ( with details of grants you would be willing to discuss openly, the stage they are at (win/loss/in progress) and any particular issues you would like to discuss.  

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