Masterclass: Maximising your potential market by thinking Gender Smart

Thursday 20th of June 2019 - 12:00

In tech, the norm is often male.  If you are not aware of that you could easily overlook half the potential market. When products and services are designed for a male audience, key design mistakes can be made. The same is true when you in fact choose a female audience only. When you haven’t explicitly made your marketing strategy gender bilingual, it’s mostly likely aimed at one gender, which means you are not reaching half the population. Can it be done differently? Yes. When you know about differences, and think about it from the start, you may well gain a crucial advantage on competitors.

In this 2 hour masterclass we look at male/female differences and;

  • why they may be key for your business from start-up
  • if they could be relevant for your branding, marketing, product and sales strategy
  • what they mean for the productivity and effectiveness of your team

Your facilitator: Inge Woudstra – Gender Diversity Expert, Trainer, Speaker, Author

Inge helps organisations in Tech & Engineering to achieve a better gender balance. Typical questions clients ask her are: how do I recruit, retain and advance women? or Why would gender balance be relevant to me? She has a background working as an IT business consultant in Siemens, and has an MSc in Business Management/Mechanical Engineering from University of Twente in The Netherlands where she grew up. Her clients typically like her approach as she has lots of practical ideas, can tailor to their needs and always has an eye on business outcomes. Inge lives in Bookham, Surrey.

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