Raising Angel Finance Workshop

Tuesday 20th of October 2020 - 12:00
This 3 hour workshop will give you an good overview of what angel finance is available to you and how to access it

About this Event

Finding the financial capital to grow and develop a businesses is usually one of the key challenges that entrepreneurs face once they have established the business and are starting to build a track record and reputation in their target market. There are a myriad of sources of capital and funding, from family and friends through credit cards to equity investors and if they are lucky their bank. However for most people, this process can be hard, time consuming and often very frustrating. What makes this process so frustrating is a combination of wrong expectations and often looking for money in the wrong places for the stage of development of their business.

Additionally getting prepared for the fund raising journey, and having in place appropriate material, and information can be time consuming, particularly as the different funding sources, each require a different focus in the supporting documentation. Such as when applying for a loan, the lenders’ focus is on the ability to repay the loan and therefore cash flows that the loan will generate. In comparison to an equity funding round where the investors’ focus is on the growth potential of the business, the opportunity for a successful future exit to enable the investors to achieve 4 - 5 times their money and the tax saving benefits they can enjoy when the investment is made and on successful exit.

There are often multiple sources for each type of capital and therefore it can be confusing and time wasting without prior knowledge or guidance:

  • On an appropriate type of capital
  • Alternatives to raising capital,
  • What else do angels bring?
  • What to Beware of with Angel Finance
  • Equity Decision Tree, and funding sources
  • Reward examples
  • Loan Decision Tree,
  • Decision Tree on Loan, VC or Angel Finance
  • Dragons Den Vis a Vie Angel Finance
  • How to look after your Angel,
  • Top Tip: get these 3 points ASAP
  • Valuation pointers and Pre/Post money
  • Preparing to pitch, what is needed?
  • Why use storytelling?
  • The Pitch Keys
  • What Angels Think and What they are looking for?
  • What inspires Angels?
  • What not to say to an Angel
  • Typical Angel Investment terms
  • Typical cost of raising Angel Finance
  • What kills deals!
  • Where to look for it, who to approach and
  • How to approach them
  • Sources of additional help and advice

There is also the opportunity to work with professional advisors to access the funding, such as a corporate finance house, a loan broker or specialist in accessing government grants or R & D tax credits.

The aim of this workshop is to clear some of the confusion and provide clarity and signposting about the different types of capital and funding available, how to decide which is appropriate for the firm, the likely costs involved, how to access it, where to go for additional support and advice, the material that needs to be prepared and the likely timescales to secure funding.

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