Roffe Swayne Finance Clinic (For Members Only)

2nd April 2020 - 09:30

Local business specialists Roffe Swayne are now in their second year working with us as a company in our ‘affiliate’ network offering complimentary business, accountancy and tax advice to all SETsquared Surrey members. They do this in the form of small “clinic sessions” so you can bring your specific issue or concern and they can look at options and approaches with you.

Russell Chowney and David Lawrence are your contacts and will be attending each clinic – both are accounting specialists with experience across the small to mid-sized business sector...

JPP Law Legal Clinic (for SETsquared members only)

20th April 2020 - 11:00

Helping SETsquared members with their legal needs since 2010 (from pro-bono legal advice to discounted rates on legal services).

Mark has built up a wealth of experience working with you all and therefore understands what you require legally according to what stage your business is at. Mark has previously worked in large law London law firms but decided to break away from this in 2013 and started his own law firm – JPP Law. Mark therefore has first-hand start-up experience too.

JPP Law has broken away from the traditional law firm model and...

Understand people — lead your team Workshop

22nd April 2020 - 09:30

A thriving business requires a workforce with a blend of skills and personalities. As you select people to work in your company it’s useful to be able to identify individuals that not only have the required skills, but also have the personal characteristics that will contribute positively to the company culture you wish to create. Equally, as your business expands you will need to provide leadership, guidance and support to the members of your team, not all of whom will think or behave in the way you do or expect.

This workshop describes how people...