"What's the best way to fund my business?" Webinar

Friday 22nd of November 2019 - 12:00
We will explain how you can speed up the process of raising investment and give you advice on how you can attract investment.

About this Event

This 60 minute, live and interactive webinar will not only answer the question but explains how you can speed up the process of raising investment and gives you practical steps you can take to attract investment.

You will discover :

  • The three key things that grab an investors attention and attract funding
  • How to decide when the time is right for raising investment – so you don’t waste your time
  • The wide range of investment options and how to pick the right one for you
  • What information you’ll need to prepare to raise investment quickly
  • A clear action plan you can implement immediately in order to succeed at raising investment
  • Where you can get help to speed up the process of getting investment

What people say about this webinar :

"Save yourself time! Before you start talking to investors make sure you join this webinar. It's packed full of sound advice and will improve your chances of attracting investment. Hatty knows what investors like me expect. Take heed!" Don McQueen, Chairman, Dorset Business Angels

"Hatty’s enthusiasm is infectious. Not only was her presentation engaging it was overflowing with information to give anyone a boost when looking at funding for their business. Hatty is definitely an expert and her delivery style kept my interest throughout (which is rare!). I unreservedly recommend Hatty’s workshops and webinars." Allegra Gee, Innovator

"From family or friends, via bank loans, to angel investors, this webinar explains what each can offer and provides great insights about how you capture an investors' attention. It’s a very helpful overview and essential first step for winning the financial support every company needs." Anthony Story, Director Silicon South

About Hatty Fawcett (Focused for Business):

Hatty is an experienced business adviser whose focus is on making it quicker and easier for startups and early stage businesses to raise investment. Hatty raised two rounds of funding for her own startup and has subsequently helped a wide range of businesses raise investment. Hatty regularly speaks and blogs on the subject of raising investment. She is a Regional Manger for Angels Den and a Talent Spotter for The Startup Funding Club.


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