Innovate UK Grant won by iGeolise, Visual Atoms and the University of Surrey

Visual Atoms ( ), iGeolise ( ) and the University of Surrey ( ) have been awarded a grant of £893,819 by Innovate UK, the UK's innovation agency ( ), to develop iTravel, a smartphone-based interactive travel assistant, or "virtual journey assistant", providing end-to-end routing and proactive contextual information to the traveller, whether they are commuters or tourists.

iTravel aims to bridge the gap between textual/map-based navigation and visual navigation/real-time interaction. iTravel will achieve...

SETsquared's Latest Podcast - Out Now!

Do download the fifth episode @SETsquared podcast featuring one of our graduated members - @igeolise.

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Topic of the week: Pricing Strategy

Have been into a few meetings this week with our #startups and a topic that came up the most was pricing.

I found this article online that may help have a read! #SaaS

Out Now: New SETsquared Blog!!

'SETsquared’s Entrepreneurship Programme gave my business a much welcomed validation check' Read more here:

Excited to see @setsquared #top50In15 entrepreneurs today at the House of Commons!

Over the last 15 years, SETsquared has supported over 1,000 high-tech, high-growth ventures. Many of these companies have raised significant investment, exported products globally, achieved world firsts and had considerable societal as well as economic impact. Collectively they have created over 9,000 jobs and raised over £1bn investment....