EY Accelerating Entrepreneurs Programme - Deadline: 9th December 2016

‘The EY Accelerating Entrepreneurs program can help you scale your business across borders and accelerate your company’s growth. We bring you our collective experience in working with successful entrepreneurs who have already made the leap. Our program is customized to your unique needs. We connect you with business and industry leaders, and EY specialists who can guide, coach and share relevant insights to help you accelerate your business growth.  You could also be among an exclusive group of high-potential entrepreneurs from across EMEIA selected to attend the 2017 EY Strategic Growth Forum™ from 8 to 10 February in Rome, Italy. You will join the selected start-ups from across Europe and Asia Pacific at this event and you will have access to a tailored program of highly relevant speakers who will share their practical guidance and advice.’

The eligibility criteria are as follows:

► The applicant must be a founder and/or CEO of a private company and be primarily responsible for the recent performance of the company

► Be high-growth. They must be able to support this, either through one or a combination of the following: revenue growth, evidence of funding, market distribution channels, wide customer base or market profile (e.g., promotion)

► Have a technology-enabled innovative product or service or business model

► Be looking to expand internationally as part of a growth plan

► Have a large demonstrated market size

► Have its headquarters in Europe.


For more info apply for this, please visit their website: http://www.ey.com/gl/en/services/strategic-growth-markets/ey-accelerating-entrepreneurs



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