acquire We Are Colony!

Fantastec Sports Technology joined the SETsquared Surrey incubator in late 2017 and have grown at a rapid rate.  The company uses innovative technology to improve and enhance sports fan experience across the globe.

To add to their offering, Fantastec have just acquired an over-the-top video on demand (OTT VOD) company called We Are Colony. 

CEO and founder Steve Madincea said: “What our first Fantastec acquisition means in practical terms is we can agree terms with any sport, team or athlete and have them up and running on a proven global OTT VOD platform very quickly." 

Steve further added: “We feel this makes for a powerful offering as the rights holder defines the terms not the channel. The purchase of Colony aligns with Fantastec’s future fan vision to make engaging with sports more impactful via trailblazing technology.”

For more information about Fantastec Sports Technology, please do view their website:

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