TRUEinvivo secures £145K Private Investment

TRUEinvivo is a spinout from the University founded by researcher and now clinical scientist Dr. Shakardokht Jafari. She discovered that glass beads are excellent detectors of radiation and, specifically, can be used for in-body measurements of radiotherapy to improve the accuracy of treatments and save side effects and other harm caused to 10-25% of patients.

The company has just closed an SEIS raise of £145k and is starting an EIS raise of a further £150k.  Investors included Oxford Innovation (OION) and the Nexus Investment Ventures Ltd (NIVL) network. Other direct investors included high net worth friends and company advisors.  The investment enables the company to complete the development of the prototype detectors and reader system.

Nigel Biggs, CEO of TRUEinvivo has said the best advice he can give to ther start-up's pitching for investment is: 'start pitches early and build wide interest. No one is very keen to be the first – and possibly only - investor!'

For more information about TRUEinvivo, please do view their website:

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