Accuric's strategy is to license its technology for incorporation into LED drivers. The LED driver market is global and is growing with the rapid penetration of LED lighting around the world. Our market entry strategy is to make and sell an IC which instantiates our Intellectual Property (IP). One single Integrated Circuit (IC) chip with different firmware and different off chip component combinations covers the commercial and residential lighting markets and the full range of power outputs. Accuric will supply its chip and reference designs to licensees. Product licensing is targeted at the relevant horizontal segments of the lighting industry: driver ICs makers, ballast makers, and lamp and luminaire makers.

Accuric was established in 2011 to exploit the invention of a novel constant current regulator. The first application is in electronic control gear (aka 'drivers' and 'ballasts') for LED lamps and luminaires. Since 2011 the company has developed prototype LED drivers for the commercial lamp market (0-10V analogue dimming) and for the residential market(triac/phase cut dimming). It has filed three patent families around the world, the first of which is granted in Europe and elsewhere. The next step in the company's development is the design and fabrication of an IC. This will instantiate 80% of its circuits. Miniaturisation makes the product difficult to copy and reduces the product cost and bill of materials. In parallel the company is licensing its IP at several levels in the industry supply chain: driver IC manufacturers, ballast makers, and lamp and luminaire makers.