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Rich Ingram

Co-Founder and Director

I am the co-founder of 15 years selling products B2B and using technology to improve business. I like to 'do things right', and I believe in creating value for customers and in loyalty. I like to work with people that really know their stuff.

How has SETsquared Surrey helped your company?

A significant challenge with being a start up is being isolated. You need some things even more than money. I would point to two key things:

1.You need people to really test your ideas. 2. If they don’t understand or don’t like them tell you why.

It’s a roller coaster ride. A bit of stability with some calm input and some benchmarking with other people in early stage times are crucial – two very different sorts of support!


SETsquared Surrey Support

SETsquared Surrey supports companies in many ways but below are some of the key areas we helped






How has your company changed since being part of the incubator?

We are more confident and less reserved. We analyse less and try to do more. We realise there is loads of stuff out there that we can find and win.

Company Successes

Winning the first customer

Winning the second customer

Winning the third customer

Developing a really cool concept, software to deliver it, and figuring out how to put the message across!